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Gaia's Womb Healing Workshop (e-Book Edition) 7 Days Of Guidance


Connecting to your womb is not necessarily about "fertility" in it's literal context when comes to having babies, this is really more about being FERTILE in your LIFE! This workshop is about healing trauma from past abuse, abortions, miscarriages, blockages, physical pain and using this clearance to manifest more abundance into your life.

We tend to overlook this sacred area not realizing that it is indeed a direct link to our finances, love, relationships, self worth & self assurance. 


Topics include:

Clearance Of Womb Trauma

"Letting Go" Through Surrender 

Intuitve Channeling

Womb Cleansing 

Tapping Into "Womb Manifestion"

Nuturing Your Seed

Creation & Growth 


This workshop is timeless and can be referenced at anytime! Use it whenever you need to reset as you continue to peel back layers at your own pace!   

Gaia's Womb Healing Workshop (E-BOOK EDITION)

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