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BONUS! - 7 Day Womb Healing Workshop Included, along with access to our private all women's Facebook group for expanded conversation and support!

ADDED BONUS! - A FULL 21 DAY CLEANSE IS NOW ADDED AND AVAILABLE in the "announcements" section of our FB group! Feel free to choose a date to begin your cleanse and finish on your own time. 

Join us for our MAY accountablity challenge as we step outside of our comfort zones together as we challenge ourselves to be the best versions of who we truly are. Look out for daily and weekly updates in our facebook group! 


Unlocking the ancient wisdom of MOTHER. - Partly inspired by the book/movie "The Secret Life Of Bees."  

The hearts of women have been frozen over and hidden in the shadows of chaos for thousands of years. SHE has returned.


The Symbol Of MOTHER

  • What it means to fully embrace divine femininity  
  • Tapping into the ancient medicine of "woman." 
  • Learning divine balance by observing the life of bees
  • Discussing the differences between false feminism vs divine feminism


Guest Speakers

Conversation with guest healer and elder Earth Keeper Selina Mu on tapping into the ancient wisdom of the elders & Mother Bee Medicine.


Special guests also include Spiritual Teacher Shannon Evette & Life Coach Na'Kesha Danyel. 


OTHER WORKSHOPS INCLUDED - Exploring the inner community of the Chakra System and merging mind, body and soul for inner balance. 




The Secret Life Of The Queen Bee Webinar Lecture Series

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$69.00Sale Price
  • Download the PDF and click the link to access the webinar videos!