Epidote is a strong enhancing stone and is one of the very few stones users should be cautious with when carrying it with them. Epidote will enhance anything, good or bad. If you are having a bad day and carrying Epidote on you, I would highly urge you to remove that piece and set it aside until you posses more positivity. However, if you are having a fantastic day filled with love, positivity, and happiness, Epidote is one stone that can really bring your mood higher than you may have thought was even possible. Just be cautious and deeply connected with yourself when working with this stone. Doing so, you’ll be able to notice even the most subtle of differences in yourself.


Epidote is very much like a magnet in the sense that it attracts. On top of attracting the energies around you and your environment,  it will also help attract your desires that you programmed into the Epidote. It mainly attracts abundance, prosperity, and creativity, but can also be programmed to assist in finding love and relationships. Epidote does not provide a “free ride”, it very much is a karma-based stone that attracts what you output.


Colombianite just made it's appearance to miners about 5 years ago. Not much is known about this mysterious stone but it is said to be a balanced element of Moldavite. Some say it's a 30 million year old rare obsidian and most intutives feel and sense this as being a Tektite or meteorite. Either way, it is a power stone that brings rapid manifestation harmoniously and effortlessly. It also acts as strong fliter for the Auric field, cleansing your surrounding EMP field absorbing negatives energies especially in highly influenced areas that carry highly toxic subconscious programming. 

Colombianite & Epidote (Power Duo)