Tibetan Quartz is famous for its powers of protection and purification.It is said to clear and expand the aura, raising the vibrations so the physical body can attune to it’s light body. It expands psychic abilities, and is said to vibrationally give out the sacred Om sound of the universe, when placed over the third eye.Tibetan Quartz is good for protection from negativity and in meditation is said to connect you to the wisdoms of the monks of Tibet. It has a reputation as one of the most powerful stones of spiritual protection known to us. Carrying one of these double terminated pieces is said to create a “bubble of Light” around the body, allowing only positive vibrations to permeate the auric field. Carrying one of these crystals is also said to bring about a total centering of oneself.


The black andradite garnet is a stone that has a deep, powerful grounding energy. It is also an in effect psychic protection stone. But there is more to this stone than just that. In the actual fact, the black andradite garnet is a dynamic stone that may intensify the creative energies, as well as possess a vibration, which may stimulate you in feeling more positive about your life. This stone is also a stone, which might evoke the magic and mysticism energy, and may keep you in touch with the elemental earth forces, in order to assist your work. This is also a powerful and strong stone that will connect you with your very own power, a power, which you might not have fully realized or used yet.



Black Garnet & Tibetan Quartz